Walkley History

News, events and discoveries of the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars history project.

Walkley House History

A Sheffield GP, Jenny Stephenson, has traced the history of her Medical Centre, Walkley House and its branch, Stannington Medical Centre, and collected together the memories and fascinating stories of … Continue reading

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Slum Britain in the 1960s

Photographer Nick Hedges travelled from Birmingham slums to Glasgow tenements in the 1960s and 70s to document poverty-stricken Britain. He found families who slept with the lights blazing to keep … Continue reading

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Howard Hotel

Walkley residents recount the Howard Hotel, a tiny pub on the site of the bus stop on Howard Road close to Fulton Road. Do you have any photographs of the … Continue reading

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Noted Bacon Shop

Remember the Noted Bacon Shop sign above a door on South Road? It was on the other side of the road from the Library until painted over about ten years … Continue reading

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Painting Horses on Harold Street

Audrey Buxton recalls specialist painter, Mr Darlow of Harold Street, who painted fairground rides for a living. Audio player for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. The only … Continue reading

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View from the Arts Tower, University of Sheffield, 1966.

These two photos taken from the University Arts Tower soon after it was opened in in 1966. They show Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe, Neepsend and lower Walkley including Kelvin Flats. They were … Continue reading

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‘It was expensive, being ill’

Audrey Buxton recalls the benefits of childhood illness in the 1940s and 50s. Audio player for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. We’d just got two bedrooms upstairs … Continue reading

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Backyard Toilets

Audrey Buxton recalls using a candle to keep the toilet from freezing in winter – and toilet spider fears! Audio player for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. … Continue reading

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Walkley – My First Five Years

My mother’s family – the Smiths – lived at 111 King James St from about 1900 until the death of my grandmother in 1941. My mother then lived with her … Continue reading

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Chasing pigs through Walkley

Robert Marshall recalls runaways pigs and the Walkley blacksmith. Audio player for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. Can you remember Mrs Saynor  who used to live down … Continue reading

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1950s Household Chores

Audrey Buxton and her sisters hoped to keep spiders at bay as they cleaned the outdoor toilet. Here Audrey recalls doing various household jobs in the 1950s.  Audio player for … Continue reading

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Happy Days at Burgoyne Road School

Audrey Buxton shares happy memories of her infant school days at Burgoyne Road School, now St Mary’s.  Audio player for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. Oh I … Continue reading

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Walkley in the Winter Gardens

The Walkley – Who’s Living in a Slum? exhibition is now in Sheffield Winter Gardens until Sunday 6th October.

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Ruskin Park’s Lost Streets Reappear after 40 Years

Today we marked out part of one side each of two of Ruskin Park’s lost streets. The outlines of houses and gennels have reappeared  as white lines on the grass … Continue reading

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Audrey Buxton talks about Scholey’s, a very popular shop on Burgoyne Road, then writes in more detail about this  three-part ‘department’ store at 154-158, Burgoyne Road was a haberdasherer, furniture and … Continue reading

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South Road Thrives in the 1970s

Carol Hawke describes the Saturday shopping buzz on South Road during the 1970s. [audio http://audioboo.fm/boos/1470088-thriving-south-road-walkley.mp3] Audio player for for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. Q  What was Walkley like during … Continue reading

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Grammar Street

I was brought home from the City General Hospital where I was born on the 22nd day of August in the year 1950. The house I came home to was … Continue reading

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Sweets for Lent

I remember the Off Licence at the top of Fulton Road in the 1940’s. My cousin and I went to St Joseph’s RC. School. During lent we were expected to … Continue reading

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Walkley Shops

“I think I could tell you every shop that was on South Road in the 1960s as we used to walk up and down that road many a Saturday afternoon … Continue reading

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Fulton Road Off Licence

From 1968/9 to 1975 my father George Barks  (helped by my mum Hannah) ran the off-licence on the corner of Howard Road and Fulton Road. In those days supermarkets were … Continue reading

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