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Painting Horses on Harold Street

Audrey Buxton recalls specialist painter, Mr Darlow of Harold Street, who painted fairground rides for a living.

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The only one I remember, there again it’s Harold Street not Harworth Street, but the only one I can remember was, I think I might have mentioned this on the last interview, it was Mr Barlow, he lived in Harold Street, he was a specialist painter, he painted… have I not mentioned this? Right, well next door to us in the next yard it was a wide entrance, they had sort of, like a building at the top of the yard, it looked as though it had probably been stables at some time but they kept cars and motorbikes and things in it, and above that it was access from some wooden stairs at the side of our fence, was like another shed area and one of the chaps from down the bottom of the road, Mr Barlow, Darlow sorry… Mr Darlow, he used to paint carousels, you know the horses and things like that  for the fairground, yes, and we used to sit and watch him bringing all the horses and the pelmets, the pelmets that they used to have around the carousels and things like that.  He also, I didn’t realise this until I spoke to my sister the other day, but he also painted… at the bottom of Harold Street we had a War memorial. Beryl said she could remember it being from the First World War, it said ‘In memory for somebody from the Somme’ and I can’t find out who it is, I’m trying to find out for that.   I know, well, it was painted in red, white and blue, I remember it and it was in a real poor condition in the 50’s, so I would assume that yes it was a First World War one.  They had two names because two people in Harold Street died in the Second World War and I know who they were.  That was Frederick Heald who lived at Harold Street at the top, and that was in Iceland, and Tommy Corbett in Burma.                                                                             



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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

One comment on “Painting Horses on Harold Street

  1. Terry Dowde
    March 26, 2016

    Tommy Darlow was my uncle the war memorial mentioned was ww2 ,there was also a banner erected across harold st. on witch all the names of people who served
    in the force I had a brother and two sisters who had there names on. I lived at number 51 Harold st Audrey Buxton maiden name I”m sure was Radford

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