Walkley History

News, events and discoveries of the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars history project.

Walkley Primary School

In Autumn 2013, students from Walkley Primary School quizzed lifelong Walkleyites, Audrey Buxton and Geraldine Stansall, about their experiences of growing up and going to school in Walkley. Later the students worked with Walkley writer, Anne Grange, to create poems and artwork comparing Walkley Now & Then. Click through the links to read the poems and take a look at the drawings.


Art Gallery

A Normal Day for Me

Toys and Food in 1953 and 2013


Going to School, 1953

One Day Two Day

Battered Boots

Life in…

My Mum’s Ferrari

My mum wakes me up with a lantern

Ordinary school time

Walkley is my Beauty

School Then and Now

At night, in the mooning light

Beetroot in your salad

1953: Music on the radiogram

Walkley now and then

The School Rules

Walkley: Games to play

So I wish I was just at home

Looking Out of the Window

Going to school, 2013

Life in 1953







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