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Backyard Toilets


Audrey Buxton recalls using a candle to keep the toilet from freezing in winter – and toilet spider fears!

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The toilets were outside and we had quite a long garden, my dad was a really good gardener, that was his hobby, his main hobby, we had a central path as there were two houses at the other side of the passage and then our house which was in a corner, and we used to use the central path to get up to the toilet which was a nightmare in winter.  We used to have to put ashes down from the fire so you didn’t slip. Of course the pipes used to freeze so we used to end up taking buckets of water up if you wanted the toilet you know, just to keep it clean.  Sometimes we’d put a candle underneath to try and stop it freezing, but that was a bonus putting a candle under because then it was lit up at night so when you went to the toilet you could actually see that there were no spiders about, we were all terrified of spiders.       


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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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