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Fulton Road Off Licence

Fulton Road Beer-Off. Copyright Sheffield City Council.

Fulton Road Beer-Off. Copyright Sheffield City Council.

From 1968/9 to 1975 my father George Barks  (helped by my mum Hannah) ran the off-licence on the corner of Howard Road and Fulton Road. In those days supermarkets were still few and small, and the off-licence acted as a general store for many locals. It was open from 7am to 10pm (closed for two hours in the afternoon monday to saturday and 5 hours on suundays).

It sold bottled beers, spirits (not much call for wine in those days!) and returnable soda syphons (not for pop but serious spirit drinkers). It also pops (including real dandelion and burdock) in glass bottles with a deposit on them. Stones beer was on hand pump and locals would bring in all sorts and shapes of containers to get whatever volume they wanted.

It sold general canned goods and cheese and ham sliced to your size requirements and potted meat scooped out of a big dish. Also milk, dried goods and chocolates and the Star at night and sunday papers (not delivered).

We never closed … were open 365 days a week including a few hours in the morning on Christmas day for last minute needs. I remember seeing my dad serve and try to cut ham by hand in candlelight during the powercuts in the early seventies.

It was a real community shop with lots of people just chatting in the shop and using our telephone for emergencies.

We had an upstairs bathroom but only an outside toilet! And real coal fires – so there were two cellars with outside pavement access – one for coal and one for barrels of beer. We also had one of those  wooden clothes drying racks on ropes in the kitchen which could be lowered and raised.

I was there form age 7 to 14. I went to Western Road Junior School, which then was renamed Westways Junior School, and then was given a place at King Edward VII school as part of the then council’s policy to mix up intake in the newly comprehensified schools.

Steve Barks

This is the same off-licence Margaret Dwyer remembers from the 1940s – Sweets for Lent.

If anyone else has memories of the off licence on the corner of Fulton Road and Howard Road, please post them in the comments or contact us via our Contact Page. Please also get in touch if you have any photos.


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3 comments on “Fulton Road Off Licence

  1. sandra neal nee robinson lived at 118 fulton road from 1950 to 1962
    July 30, 2014

    I also remember the beer off at the top of fulton road it was called mattewmans in the 1960s across the road of howard road was thompsons another beer off and sweet shop where we used to spend our 3p per week spending money

  2. David Drew
    June 16, 2015

    You didn’t mention the parkin they also sold. Best we’ve ever had. We moved onto Howard Road, just opposite, in 1976 – the shop was still open then and we regularly popped across for some and a couple of pints of beer. When they knocked it down I tried to get the big stone with the name on from the builders but it was already spoken for.

  3. Deborah Yeates
    March 21, 2018

    My Auntie and Uncle had the shop in the early Sixties ( Mary and Les Jessop) I lived in the house on the corner 126 Fulton Rd. With my parents Barbara and Graham Walshaw and older brothers,Rodger and Andrew. I went to St Marys School until I was seven ( 1967) then we moved to Lincolnshire. A fond memory I have was of my mum winning Spot the ball around 1963…I can recall her running across yo my aunt ( her sister ) in the shop to share her news…Do many happy memories…

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