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Howard Hotel

Howard Hotel Map 1969

Map showing the Howard Hotel in 1969

Walkley residents recount the Howard Hotel, a tiny pub on the site of the bus stop on Howard Road close to Fulton Road.

Do you have any photographs of the Howard? We would like to add a photo or more to the Walkley historical archive.


“Other than the Walkley Reform club and the Walkley Palladium there wasn’t much night life except the local public houses. I had my 21st at the Howard Hotel at the top of Howard Road where the gate to Birkendale is. My parents also had their silver wedding there as there was a room upstairs you could hire.”

Geraldine Stansall


“It was nice, it was pleasant. Where the bus stop is, there was a little corner window there and they’d perhaps have a bottle of wine and a wine glass or something a bit decorative there where you waited for bus. But then, you’d 2 tiled steps to get up and, to the right hand side was a very nice room with window on way to bus – where bus goes – with a piano in and nice seats all round. If you sat in somebody else’s seat, because it were reserved, you see, Mrs [Galley???] and Jo’s son, the used to commandeer their seat and you mucky looks if sat in anybody else’s seat But it was a nice pub and then at back, there was a snooker table in. We used to go a lot at week-end.”

Doris Butler


“It was amazing how big it was really inside because you’d got tables and chairs here and it went further back and there was even a piano and we used to go with my mum and dad and my husband’s aunt and uncle who lived in Burgoyne Road and we used to go on a Friday night and there were quite a few people that we knew. One of the ladies, Bella they called her, she was local and she used to sometimes play the piano in this room. And then there is the upstairs where I say we had my mum and dad’s silver wedding. Yes, so, it’s hard to believe when a space, now, can contain such a vast place you know, building really.

The  landlord lived on the premises. There were living quarters and I’ll tell you why it had to come down because he wanted to extend. I don’t know which way he wanted to extend and he wanted to extend the pub and when they came, the surveyors came and they said it was unsafe, the building and it had to be demolished exactly. Yes, yes I can remember, he came from a pub down Attercliffe actually before he came there and I suppose there were other landlords before him, but that’s what happened, that’s why it was demolished because it was unsafe, the building.”

Geraldine Stansall


“Yeah, I went in there a few times, but they seemed to be more older people in there.”

Lyn Bainbridge


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

5 comments on “Howard Hotel

  1. Carrie leyland
    June 25, 2014

    I remember a thread about this on Sheffield forum. Looking just now someone who gives their name as gingerpuss said a relative of theirs ran it and has several photographs. I wonder if they are still using the forum…?

  2. sandra neal nee robnsn lived at 1118 fulton road from 1950 to 1962
    July 30, 2014

    I remember the howard hotel very well as my uncle Charlie was the landlord of this pub for many years.My mum and dad and nan worked there as well. I have pictures of this pub both inside and out and I would be pleased to let Audrey buxton my cousin have these.

    • Bill Bevan
      July 31, 2014

      Hi Sandra,

      Great to hear from you and wonderful news you have photographs. Thank you for your offer of photos. If you’re happy to add them to the Walkley History archive please do let Audrey have them. We can scan them and add them to the archive then give you your originals back. We don’t have many photos of the insides of lost pubs or shops.

  3. Kevin Bamford
    January 12, 2015

    It suffered considerable damage in the gales of 1957 I think and had to be demolished. It was reputed to serve an excellent pint of beer, largely due to the natural cellars.

    • sandra neal nee robinson
      February 8, 2015

      it wasn’t such a tiny pub quite large inside.My father was the cellar man and waited on at week ends, mum worked behind the bar and nan cooked for uncle Charlie and auntie kitty. It was always a busy pub especially at Christmas. Charlie Strickland and my nan were brother and sister.

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