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Walkley House History

Jenny Walkley House

A Sheffield GP, Jenny Stephenson, has traced the history of her Medical Centre, Walkley House and its branch, Stannington Medical Centre, and collected together the memories and fascinating stories of her patients. All are enfolded into this book, creating a valuable insight into how medical care has evolved over the many decades from 1870, when Walkley House was built, to the present day.

Jenny will give a talk based on her book at the History IS Here event on Friday 9th January, 7pm at Walkley Community Centre. The talk is free.

Walkley House has always been in the hands of Doctors, but the founder, Dr Denis Connolly, started this Practice in 1930. Jenny tells the timeline of how the medical care developed, against the backdrop of epidemics, World Wars, industrial unrest, new treatments, adapting to NHS re-organisations to mention but a few. How did the various Doctors cope with these challenges? Jenny believes the future of primary medical care can be assured with similar flexibility and adaptation.

This book is the result of several years’ of research and built on real life stories, with a message – celebrate what’s good about the NHS and continue the high quality personal care exemplified by these former Doctors.

The book is available for sale at both Walkley House and Stannington Medical Centres, at Stannington Library, the Sheffield Star shop, and the Famous Sheffield Shop, and Sheffield Waterstones (Orchard Square) in the near future. It costs £12 and the proceeds are going to Diabetes UK, Alzheimers Society and Stannington Library.

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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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