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Chasing pigs through Walkley

Robert Marshall recalls runaways pigs and the Walkley blacksmith.

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Can you remember Mrs Saynor  who used to live down the road here, they used to have a butchers shop on South Road, near Armitages. There were Gowers and Burgin & Ball’s on South Road, and Gierschicks bakery.

Oh that’s something else, I remember when I was at school they had I used to go home for my dinner and when on occasions when I was going back, there used to be a farm just on Walkley Road that had, like a ginnel, down and sometimes pigs used to escape and many a time you’d see farmer chasing pig on Walkley Road, “Keep away from him, keep away from him,” with his bit of board and his stick. That were something else, you know. Doreen’s sweet shop, across the road just a bit further on, there used to be a blacksmith’s shop there and as time evolved he sort of he moved over from shoeing horses and that to repairing cars. My grandfather had one or two jobs done on his cars.

 So did he have a forge and everything in there ?

Oh yes, yes. There’s a new sort of pair of semi’s been built on where it was with a bit of a car park where the forge had been blasting away and making his own horse shoes, ornamental ironwork and whatever.


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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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