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As part of the research into the needs and feelings of residents,
several surveys were carried out in Walkley during this time.  Many of these were by the University of Sheffield and made up the results of The Slow Death Of A Slum, which can be found here.

57 filled in surveys

Blank copy of survey

Handwritten survey explanation

Handwritten survey x 11

Oct 1969 Survey of all houses, blank surveys with explanatory sheet

Oct 1975 WAG to residents Walkley General Improvement Area Survey

Use of the WAG Survey

Use of the WAG Survey

WAG survey questionnaire


Chart 1 dealing with how they answered the survey


Chart 1 cont.


SOAH 1969 cover sheet


SOAH 1969 p1 q1-4


SOAH 1969 p2 q5-9


SOAH 1969 p3 q10-12


SOAH 1969 p4 q12&13

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