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News, events and discoveries of the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars history project.

Sounding Out

I’m going where there’s space to pull up
and listen to what I’ve missed;
feel the heat as you get out of the car,
coke fired ovens that bake good hard bread,
crickets keeping warm in cracks in the wall,

heat the butcher will borrow for bacon bone soup,
that the women will use to boil vats of sheets,
that the steel mills will take to render the ore,
molten metal richer than gold, the thump
of the steam hammer moulding their lives.

Listen, because underneath this roar is the tick
of clocks on factory walls, the sound of kids
in anoraks playing out, and at Mrs. Coddles’
sweet shop, Lingo’s fizz being poured
off the scoop into a paper bag.

Julie Mellor


One comment on “Sounding Out

  1. Lynn Rishworth
    November 8, 2013

    All those different memories; odd facts; images ~ all woven so skillfully into this tapestry (sampler?) That’s alchemy, is that!

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