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News, events and discoveries of the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars history project.

My mum wakes me up with a lantern

My mum wakes me up with a lantern


My mum wakes me up with a lantern,

I didn’t want the warmth of the cloth to leave me,

I put on my hand-knitted cotton school uniform,

The mist covering the park a faint glow the oil lamp,

We sit at the little wooden table eating bread and marmalade,

Mum kissed me bye and I walked through the misty air,

My shoes crunching on the cobbled street,

My school bag draped around my shoulder,

I could smell pickled onion and bread in my school bag,

I walked passed the dust-covered shops,

The occasional shadow lingering on the wall.

I see my buddy Harry we walk up Burnaby Crescent talking about a new toy a yoyo

The outline of the iron gates

I see black shadows playing tig

Zooming across the playground

I see the head teacher ringing the bell

We dashed across the playground climbing up the stairs

We go through the wooden doors

The teacher writing on the blackboard

A whack and a scream.





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