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Get Involved with Victorian Walkley

As many of you know Walkley Historians are in the middle of The Streets of Walkley, a project to research and interpret the Victorian origins of Walkley. A group of Historians are researching a number of topics which will lead to a book being published in December next year.
We are currently in the middle of a short run of pub storytelling events, which have attracted almost 100 people to the first two shows – with the third and final show on Monday at Walkley Cottage.
We also plan to publicise results of the research in a number of other ways next year.
We have three more temporary exhibitions in the pipeline, starting with the Victorian Tales of Walkley Pubs in Beeches window in January. If you would like to be involved in writing exhibitions please get in touch.
Victorian Street Fair
Cabaret Boom Boom are involved in a Victorian Street Fair at the Community Centre on the 22nd June, which we hope to expand into a Walkley-wide event involving a range of organisations and shops. We are also working with a local microbrewery to brew one or two modern takes on a Sheffield Victorian beer for the event, and are actively looking for old Sheffield beer recipes. If you would like to be involved or can suggest Victorian organisations, stalls, societies etc to be involved please email me. do you know of any Victorian beer recipes?
We are also planning guided tours of Victorian Walkley and some form of interpretation panels or signs at key locations. Out of the pub storytelling events may come a local storytelling group meeting at regular intervals that can draw upon the research. Would you be interested in this?
Guided Walk Leaders
We will look to train a small group of guide leaders to lead guided walks next year and be available to lead walks in the future. Would you be interested in being trained as a tour guide?
Interpretation Signs
The nature of the panels are to be decided, they don’t have to be standard heritage signs. These could be created as modern re-interpretations of old Victorian adverts, street signs, etc. and could involve artists, poets or writers contributing to the finished items. If anyone is potentially interested please let me know.

About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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