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Rawson Spring Wood

A lost wood.
A spring wood*.

Nether Hallam Enclosure Map 1805. The road skirting the left hand edge of the wood is Walkley Road (here called ‘Rivelin Bridge Road’). Some of the boundary of the wood is preserved in modern property boundaries. The land either side of the road is pink to show that it was the only land shown which was being enclosed. Everything else, including the wood was “old enclosures”.1805-rawson-spring-detail-2

1855 Ordnance Survey with a rough outline of the earlier wood added in red. Not a lot left.1851-rawson-spring-2

Shortly after the OS map was surveyed large parts of this hillside were sold to Freehold Land Societies to be divided up and allotted to their members. Here is an 1873 map. The western boundary of the Hampden View estate clearly follows that of the absent wood. It still does, at the back of the houses in Burnaby Crescent and Burnaby Street.
Hampden View 1873

Google Earth image with wood boundary added.

A detail of a 1951 map. The wavy boundary between the houses in Greaves Street and the Stalker Drill Works preserved, I believe, the wood boundary, now removed by the modern housing. Langsett Road with tram tracks can be seen to the right.


I want to learn as much as I can about the wood and then, in a challenge to the imagination, conduct a perambulation.

*A spring wood is a coppice wood in which new growth ‘springs up’ from coppice stools (tree stumps) and is regualrly harvested.

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