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Bloor St Photographer

Walkley Historians have been approached with this photograph. He bought it on ebay recently, and when taking the back of the frame, found the name of the photographer. They are G. Buxton, 83, Bloor Street, Walkley. The photo seems Edwardian.

The person would like to find out more about the photographer and who this family are.

About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

One comment on “Bloor St Photographer

  1. Hugh W
    November 23, 2015

    I can’t find anything else stating this man is a photographer and I think this must be a sideline.

    1905 Directory
    George William BUXTON surgical instrument grinder
    62 Addey Street

    1911 census
    77 Bloor Street
    George William BUXTON Head Marr 38 surgical instrument grinder Sheffield
    Rose Hannah BUXTON 35 Sheffield
    Willis BUXTON Son 7 Sheffield

    Either his stay at 83 Bloor Street was very brief or he is using that address for his photographic business – the electoral registers would shed light on this.

    Still at 77 in 1925 Directory
    BUXTON, George William (~, Surgical Instrument Finisher).
    Address: 77 Bloor Street, ~ in 1925.

    He died there in 1943.
    Rose died in 1949.
    They are buried at City Road.

    I see there is some more writing on the photo apart from the label. Is it possible to make more of it out?

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