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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 3rd November 1915

The War seems closer as the Minutes record the return from the Front of a member disabled whilst on active service.  His membership subscription is waived.  A successful concert has been held for the wounded soldiers at Sheffield’s Winter Street Hospital, and a collection is to be held for Christmas presents for Club members still serving in the War. Meanwhile, the ordinary business of the Club continues, and a complaint has been received about overdue bills.

[3 November 1915]
Minutes of Executive Committee,held Nov 3rd 1915. Mr A Wragg presiding.
The minutes of previous committee meeting were read & passed as a true record.
The a/cs for the month were passed for payment.
The nominations for membership were accepted, & in the case of Mr S Etches, who is a disabled soldier returned from the Front, it was decided to return his membership subscription, & make him a free member until the end of the present financial year.
The secretary gave his report of the concert which had been given to the wounded Soldiers at Winter St. Hospital, which had been a great success, & very much appreciated.
The question of the payment of accounts was brought up by Mr Ashton, who voiced a complaint that these had in some cases not been paid as promptly as might have been.
This was noted, & a guarantee given that this matter should in future be given closer attention.
It was decided to open subscription lists to provide Xmas Boxes for the members of the Club, who are serving with the Colours, & Messrs Hobson, Jarvis, & Jennett were appointed to solicit the members of the Club for subscriptions for this purpose.
A list of subscribers to be published in the Club rooms.
A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought the meeting to a close.
[Signed] A Wragg, Dec 1/15

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