Walkley History

News, events and discoveries of the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars history project.


These documents include letters to and from Geoff Green and generally relate to his fight against the Walkley slum clearances.

4 page letter to Mr G from Ms J Lloyd congratulating him about the attendance night 5 May 1969

Bob Poulton, Star reporter thanking Mr G for press release, April 22, 1969

Elsie Collett of 61 Carr Rd, 25th April 1969, questioning the hatching on the plans for Freedom Rd

General letter to residents in affected areas (names on back) warning them of the consequences of demolition and their rights

Geoff Green writing to New Society 13th Nov 1969 rejected article

Jessie Collins 2nd May 1969 offering to vote for Mr G in May 8 election

Letter to Mr G from Elsie Collett Mentions the survey, exhibition and public meeting Dated12 March 1970

Letters between Ken and Geoff Green on the concept of improvement areas

Mr D Piddington Flat 3, No 1, Channing St S6 writing to Geoff Green for more info

Mr JP Taylor 19 Fulton Rd returned slip requesting more info

Request for Mr G to speak to St Mary’s pensioners on 20 Aug 1969


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