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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 20th October 1915

The Club continues to recruit new members and decides how to use the cash left over after the entertainment of wounded soldiers.

[20 October 1915]
Minutes of Executive Committee, held Oct 20th 1915, Coun W F Jackson presiding.
The minutes of previous committee meeting held Sep 9th 1915 were read, & passed as a true record.
The a /cs, to the amount of £17-15-5½ were passed for payment.
The nominations (14) for membership were accepted.
The secretary then gave a report of the entertainment of wounded soldiers, & rendered a cash a/c for same showing a balance in hand of 16s/1d, which on the proposition of Coun: W Appleyard, sec: by Mr Wragg, was authorised to be spent on Cigarettes for the soldiers, at the concert arranged by the secretary at the Winter St Hospital.
A vote of thanks to the chairman brought the meeting to a close.
[Signed] Arthur Wragg


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