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Sweet shop on Bole Hill Road?

Ruskin House - south west elevation

Does anyone remember the sweet shop in the garden of Ruskin House? This was the Girls’ Training College located near Walkley Cottage, where Rivelin St meets Bole Hill Road. We have heard from a gentleman saying he recalls buying sweets from it when he was a boy but can’t remember anything else.

Do you have any memories of this sweet shop? Can you describe what sort of building it was?


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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

2 comments on “Sweet shop on Bole Hill Road?

  1. ffyffef@talktalk.net
    July 3, 2015

    Dear Bill,
    In reply to your query re a sweet shop at Ruskin House, I too remember visiting there when I was a child. I was born in one of four stone built cottages which I would imagine, were at one time, part of the gardens of Ruskin House. The houses backed into Bell Hagg Road,and long front gardens came up to Rivelin Street, (opposite Bole Hill School).
    Once a week my Dad would write me a note to take to the shop and I would b e given 3 or 4 small blocks of chocolate which had to last
    the family all week (money being tight !)
    My mind is a bit sketchy re the building itself, but I seem to recall it being an old stone place with two steps to the entrance. I bel.ieve it was situated somewhere in the vicinity where the first of the semi-detached houses (in Rivelin Street) now stands. Somewhere in the back of my mind I associate the Hattersley family (who were caretakers at Bole Hill School, having some connection with the shop, but that maybe wrong.

    I am now 84 years old and remember, as a young child, my mother (who was also born in the same cottage as me) told me Ruskin House had been a girls school, but I recall an old man living there (complete with top hat and tails) and when he died, Mum took me to look around the place. The only thing I can recall from that visit was being in a big room with sheet music strewn all over the floor and a grand piano having pride of place. Who the old man was, I don’t know (though Mum referred to him as Mr Jack) and have often wondered , but I was very young at the time and cannot recall whether Mum ever said.

    I also remember a row of old cottages situated at the top side of Ruskin House (actually in Bole Hill Road) and these , if I recall correctly, stretched from Ruskin House to somewhere where the pub now stands. How things have changed over the years.
    Happy Days ! Hope the above has helped jog the enquirers memory.
    Sincerely, Rita Speed

  2. John O'Brien
    August 11, 2015

    August 11th 2015

    Dear Rita
    I have been the property manager for about twenty years and in the part of the building that is now flat 8,which was the original John Ruskin House,lived Betty and Sam Scholey.When I took over Betty was the caretaker and Sam I believe worked on the railway.Betty told me that her parents had been the caretakers before her, she had been brought up in the house and after leaving school she ran the shop at the top of the now car park where the small access gateway is. When I took over the car park was the old rose garden to the house
    I hope this jogs memories further,

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