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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 5th May 1915

As the new Club year gets underway, Committees are elected to run each of the many activities available to members.  Billiards, bowling and whist drives will take place on Club premises.  Flower and angling committees support members sharing an interest in gardening or fishing.  Other committees look after the Club administration and its political activities.   The Club’s billiards players have clearly been successful in the Sheffield Social Club League, bringing back trophies and prizes in form of billiard cues.   These wins will be celebrated at a Club match on Whit Tuesday.

[5 May 1915]
Minutes of Executive Committee meeting held May 5th 1915
Coun W F Jackson presiding
The minutes of previous meeting were read, & passed as a true record
The election of sub-committees was then proceeded with, & the following were elected Viz:-
Recreation committee; (15) which is to include Billiards, Bowling, & Social League, Messrs Smith, Holroyd, Ashton, Rigby, Vessey, Jarvis, Wragg, Morton, A Crapper, Madeley, Wright, Heeley, Foers, Wilkinson & Stringfellow.
Whist Drive:-
Messrs Wright, Crapper, Fretwell, & Jennett
The whole of the Executive
Messrs F Morton, Vessey, E Heeley, Stringfellow, Hobson, Robertson
Messrs Stringfellow, Wright, Bulloss, A Crapper, Fretwell
Emergency & Finance:-
Messrs Wragg, Jennett, Smith, Hobson, W Appleyard, W F Jackson & J Jarvis

It was then proposed that the recreation committee be asked to make arrangements for a match for Whit Tuesday, on the lines of the one played last year, & also that the winning trophies in the Sheffield Social Club League be celebrated at the same time (carried)
Prop:- That the cues won by Social League players, be put in Billiard room for general use (carried)
A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the meeting


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