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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 19th April 1915

The AGM elects Officers for the coming year and receives the financial report for 1914-15.   Special mention is made of the Stewardess, Mrs Wolstenholme, whose work for the Club is greatly appreciated.

[19 April 1915]
Minutes of General Meeting held April 19 1915 Coun W Appleyard presiding.
The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as a faithfull record.
The balance was read and accepted. The following members were elected as officers for the coming year:
President: Coun W Appleyard, JP
Vice President: Coun W F Jackson
Treasurer: Mr Geo Simpson
Committee Chairman: Coun W F Jackson
Joint Secretaries: A Jennett & J W Ball
Auditors: E Honeyball & W F Needham
The general Committee elected was as follows:
Messrs Ashton A, Jarvis Geo, Adams B,  Morton F, Ball J W, Madeley J T, Crapper A, Rigby G, Bullas J, Foers W, Robertson T, Fretwell H. Stringfellow J, Goodwin J. Smith David, Hobson C B, Wragg A, Heeley E E, Wright E P, Holroyd H, Wilkinson W H, Hall G F, Vessey C

Coun W Appleyard proposed a vote of thanks to the officers and Committee for the past year’s services and to Mrs Wolstenholme for so efficiently carrying out the duties of Stewardess
A vote of thanks to the Chairman closed the meeting
[Signed] W F Jackson
[There are loose sheets slipped into the book as follows:]
[Handwritten foolscap sheet:] Nominations of Officers for 1915
President Coun Walter Appleyard, JP
Vice Presidents [sic] Councillor W F Jackson
Treasurer Mr Geo Simpson
Secretaries J W Ball & A Jennett
Chairman of Committees Mr David Smith
Auditors Messrs W Needham & E Honeyball
General Committee Mr A Ashton, B Adams, J W Ball, J Bullas, A Crapper, W Foers, H Fretwell, J Goodwin, C B Hobson, E E Heeley, H H Holroyd, G T Hall, George Jarvis, F Morton, J T Madeley, George Rigby, T Robertson, J Stringfellow, E P Wright, Arthur Wragg, W H Wilkinson
[Copy of typed accounts showing trading a/c, furnishing a/c and balance sheet, dated April 1915 and headed Walkley Reform Club 1914-1915]

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