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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 16th December 1914

As the first Christmas of the War approaches, the Club prepares to send gifts of cigarettes to Club members serving in the Forces, and sets a date for the annual Children’s Treat.

[16 December 1914]
Minutes of General Committee held Dec 16 14 Mr David Smith presiding
That the minutes of the previous meetng be passed as a faithful record
That the accounts for the month be paid
That the Bowling Club entrances amounting to 5/9 [? – writing not clear] be added to the collections of Messrs Wilkinson & Jarvis and the total sum be expended in cigarettes for presentation to such of our members who are now serving with the colours, and that Mr Robertson be asked to arrange the matter
That the current Billiard Tournament be closed and that the entrance fees be added to the prize money of one to be arranged
That the Children’s Treat be held on Friday Jan 8
With a vote of thanks to the Chairman the meeting closed
[signed] Jan 6th [?] 1915 Arthur Wragg

[no separate date given – part of above meeting?]
That the Children’s Treat be on Friday Jan 8 15
That Messrs Jennett Heeley Ashton Wilkinson Morton Fisher & Madeley & David Smith be on the Treat Committee
That Mr A Jennett be appointed Assistant secretary


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