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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 4th November 1914

A Club official wins a prestigious local trophy. Social events are planned in aid of Belgian Relief, an international organisation that arranged for the supply of food to German-occupied Belgium and northern France during WW1.  Its leading figure was Herbert Hoover who in 1914 was living in London and who later became US President.  The Club also collects subscriptions for the benefit of Club members on active service.

[4 November 1914]

Minutes of General Committee held November 4 1914 Mr David Smith presiding
That the minutes of the previous meeting be passed as read
That the accounts for the month be paid
That Messrs Morton Smith Jarvis be a committee to deal with the matter of providing a second set of pool balls
That the Secretary of the Billiard Committee be kindly requested to call together the Billiard Committee to decide on the course for dealing with the Billiard Tournament now running
That a hearty vote of thanks be accorded to Mr H H Holroyd as secretary of the Chess Club for winning the Davy trophy for the season 1913-14. And this Committee sincerely appreciate the honour to the club by bringing home this coveted prize
That the artist for the Belgian Relief Concert be allowed an honorarium of 7/6 from the funds and a vote of thanks for the services rendered be forwarded along with same. Also [thanks to] Mr Robertson & his Committee for the splendid result of the Relief fund effort
That arrangements for a Belgian Relief Dance be granted
That a subscription be made for the benefit of our members on active service. That Messrs Wilkinson and Jarvis be asked to act as collectors
With a vote of thanks to the chairman the meeting closed
[signed] David Smith Dec 16/14


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