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Isaac Haycock – Sheffield Pals

Isaac Haycock was born on the 4th January 1893 in Walkley Sheffield to parents William and Elizabeth Ann (nee Wilkinson) Haycock. His father was a crucible maker and later became a draper, his mother was also a draper and they lived at 133, Howard Road, Walkley on the 1891 census which was a shop with living accommodation on the corner of Duncombe Street, they had one daughter Lizzie age 1.

Isaac Haycock

Photo courtesy of Brian Haycock

On the 1901 census they had moved across the road and now lived at 192/194, Howard Road which was two adjoining shops where they ran their own drapery business. By now as well as Lizzie they had Horace 9, Isaac 8 and Willis 2.

In 1911 they were still at the same address and had been married 25 years and had had 7 children but only 4 had survived leaving Isaac with I sister Lizzie and 2 brothers Horace who was a student teacher and Willis at school. Elizabeth’s father Isaac Wilkinson was also living there a widower and retired steelmelter. Isaac was now 18 and his occupation was listed as an insurance clerk dealing in accident and fire insurance.


Photo courtesy of Brian Haycock

Isaac enlisted with the 12th Sheffield Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment as a private regiment number 12/672 but sadly was killed on the 1st July 1916 age 23 at the Battle of the Somme, France.

He was remembered at the Thiepval Memorial Isaac Haycock. Private 12/672 date of death 1st July 1916 age 23 York and Lancaster Regiment C coy 12th Battalion. Son of William and Elizabeth Ann Haycock of 192 Howard Road, Walkley, Sheffield.

Isaac was awarded the British and Victory medals and in his will left his effects the total sum of £365.5s.2d to his father William Haycock draper.

Isaac was also remembered on Rolls of honour in the following places:
Sheffield City Council, Sheffield City Battalion and St Mary’s Church Walkley.

The descendants of Isaac Haycock have been most helpful. Mark Gebhard, the grandson of Lizzie Haycock and great nephew to Isaac, contacted Brian Haycock, the son of Willis Haycock and nephew to Isaac. His brother-in-law had two photos of Isaac on his family tree and Brian forwarded them on. We are most grateful to the family and their help has been much appreciated.


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