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Joan Sellars

The family of Joan Sellars, who passed away in 2012, are looking for information about her life and work in Walkley.

Joan spent most of her life living in the fens but always had a loving of Yorkshire and especially Walkley, Sheffield.

Some time before she died she started to type her memories of her young life, on a computer which unfortunately failed, and the family only managed to salvage a few pages. Here are the pages relaitng to Walkley – Joan Sellars Walkley Life.pdf.

They speak of her early days, which will hopefully jog a memory or two. There are one or two names mentioned which may give a lead.

Joan was born to May and George Sellars on the 08.06.1932 and lived the first 20 plus years in Walkley when her father and her family moved to start a new life in the fens near Wisbec. Her father opened a shop in 1939 and her surviving memoirsare about life during the Second World War.

Always with a love of the area of Walkley, and according to the family with a burning desire to return to the area of her birth.

If anyone had memories of the school referred to in the letter or any of the names etc. any memory of the times past, visiting the family bakery, any information would be delight for the family to receive. A photograph of the main road with the Sellars Bakery on would indeed be a treasure.

Please post any information in the comments box below or use the Contact Us page to get in touch if you have photographs.



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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

5 comments on “Joan Sellars

  1. walkleycemetery
    May 12, 2014

    George SELLARS, baker first appears at 196 Howard Road in Kelly’s 1940 Directory. This seems likely to be the right man, though there is one snag – he is last listed at that address in 1971, which doesn’t seem to allow for him going to Wisbech with his daughter as suggested.

    From 1959 the shop is listed as 196&198 Howard Road.

    In fact, judging by the births of her children alone, Joan did not leave Sheffield until after 1963 (though it’s possible that she returned from Wisbech to have her children here).

    One more snippet – I think George and May, and ‘Tom’ and Sarah were married in a double wedding:

    GRO Marriages JUN Qtr 1930
    SELLARS George (Manning)
    MANNING May (Sellars)
    CLEGG Thomas (Manning)
    MANNING Sarah A (Clegg)
    Sheffield 9c 1112

    It should be possible to further track these people (and confirm they are the right ones) when the Local Studies Library is open later in the week.


    • walkleycemetery
      May 14, 2014

      In the electoral registers, Thomas (‘Tom’) and Sarah Ann CLEGG are listed at 1 court, 1 house Gloucester Place throughout the 1930’s.

      In the volumes for 1932/3 and 1933/4 only, George and May SELLARS are listed at 2 court, house 1 Gloucester Street which is just across Gloucester Place from where the Cleggs were, but with an entrance on Gloucester Street rather than Gloucester Place. (The volume for 1931/2 is not available). It seems likely that Joan was born in this house (her birth certificate would confirm).

      On this map http://wp.me/a2R1C8-uw which is from 1890, I have added house numbers from a 1950’s map. The numbers in Court 2 Gloucester Street are conjectural because that court had already been demolished by the 1950’s.

      It will be seen that Court 1, House 1 Gloucester Place is next to the ginnel, and has an offshot kitchen as described in Joan’s memoir. The house where Joan and her family lived does not answer to her description of a large house with a long garden, but that may have been later and elsewhere – I cannot find them between 1934 and their arrival in Howard Road in 1939.

  2. walkleycemetery
    May 12, 2014

    Carol Hawke mentions Sellars on the memory map in the audio clip ‘South Road shops in the 70s/80s’

  3. Bill Bevan
    May 13, 2014

    The memory map is here – http://mapmaker.donkeymagic.co.uk/map/24758/

    Click on the red marker beside South Road just south of Industry Street.

  4. Peter sellars
    May 20, 2014

    My cousin Joan, George and Mays only child, married John Erwin Goman I believe in 1954 and had their first child John Allan Goman born 10.09.54 I believe in a house on Fir street. They had further children Peter David, 1957 Paul Erwin 1959 Christina Anna, 1961 and Marysia 1965 I believe they left Walkley before some of the siblings were born. I have been attempting to get in touch to ask a few questions of them but maybe this little piece of information may open a door. I would dearly love to locate a photograph of my uncles shop for them, but any information is valuable and I thank you for your input Regards Peter Sellars.

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