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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 6th May 1914

Our second extract from 100 years ago in the Reform Club minutes focus on the election of committee officers. Barnes would go on to fight in the First World War but appears to have returned alive.

[6 May 1914]

Minutes of General Committee meeting held May 6th 1914 Mr David Smith in the chair

That the minutes of the previous [meeting] be passed, as read

That the accounts for the month as presented be paid

That the nominations be accepted as members of the club

That the following members constitute the House Committee,

Messrs Ashton, Wragg, Foers, Jennett, Heeley, Fisher, Madeley, Stringfellow, Robertson and Hobson

That the whole of the Committee comprise the Political Committee

That the Recreation [Committee be] formed of two representatives from each Committee along with their respective Secretaries.

That the Social Club Committee consist of the following members

Messrs Honeyball, Barnes, Fretwell, Ledger, Howarth, Foers, Blagden, Madeley, Nichols, Knight & A Crapper

That the Billiard Committee be made up of the following members
Messrs Howarth, Foers, Barnes, Blagden, Fretwell, Madeley, Ledger, F Morton, Stringfellow & Knight

That the following members form the Whist Drive Committee

Messrs Fretwell, Jennett, Barnes, Crapper

That the Emergency Committee be made up as follows
Messrs Wragg, Jennett, Smith, Honeyball, Howarth & Hobson

That the quota from the general Committee to the Angling Society be

Messrs Crapper, Fretwell, Stringfellow, Fisher, Barnes & Ledger

That the members on the Floral Society Committee be

Messrs Smith, Fisher, Ashton, Stringfellow, Morton, Robertson,Hobson & Bowers

That the 19th of May (Tues) be granted for an open night

That an all round match be arranged for June 2nd (Whit Tuesday), to celebrate the winning of the Billiard Shield & Chess Trophy, the following members to carry out arrangements for same

Messrs Honeyball, Howarth, Jennett, Foers, Smith, Barnes, Ledger, Knight, Holroyd, Jarvis, A Jennett be asked to act as Secretary.

With a vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding the meeting closed

[signed] Arthur Wragg


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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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