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Memory Map in the news

Sheffield Star has run a feature about the Walkley Memory Map, featuring interviews with Bill Bevan and Nicola Dempsey. Nicola, a University lecturer who helped develop the map through funding … Continue reading

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Leonard Walmsley – King’s Liverpool

Leonard Walmsley was born in 1900 to George and Sarah Walmsley who were living in Norton at the time. He had an older sister, Clara born in 1895 and brother, … Continue reading

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Arthur Wall – Sheffield Pals and Northumberland Fusiliers

Arthur Wall was born around 1890, the son of Thomas and Mary Wall. He had five elder siblings, Thomas W, Clara, Nellie, Herbert and Lily and two younger sisters Edith … Continue reading

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Arnold Turner – Sheffield Pals

Arnold’s Sheffield Life. Arnold was born on the 3rd July 1892 at 110 Creswick St to Harry and Sarah [Critchlow ]Turner. His father, Harry was born in Sheffield in 1850 … Continue reading

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Grenadier’s Ypres

The Ypres Salient is the area around Ypres in Belgium which was the scene of some of the biggest battles in WW1. Archie Shelley, a member of Walkley Reform Club, … Continue reading

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Archie Shelley – Grenadier Guards

Growing up in Walkley. Archie was born on 19th March 1891 at 35 Camm Street, Walkley, one of nine children born to Charles Shelley and his wife Mary Ann (nee … Continue reading

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Frederick Moses – Sheffield Pals

Frederick Stayton Moses was born in 1894 in Chester to parents Peter E Moses who was born in Prescot Lancs and Mary E (nee Welsh) Moses born in Bagillit Flints. … Continue reading

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Isaac Haycock – Sheffield Pals

Isaac Haycock was born on the 4th January 1893 in Walkley Sheffield to parents William and Elizabeth Ann (nee Wilkinson) Haycock. His father was a crucible maker and later became … Continue reading

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The Somme and Sheffield

The Sheffield Pals were one of the first battalions ‘over the top’ on the morning of the 1st July, 1916 – the first day of the Battle of the Somme. … Continue reading

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Sheffield Pals

In common with other industrial towns in the North of England, Sheffield was quick to form its own “Pals” battalion in the early weeks of the First World War. On … Continue reading

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Frank Hartley – Sheffield Pals

From Boyhood to Manhood. Frank Hartley was born on 14th August 1893 at 40 Mount Pleasant Road in the Sharrow/Heeley area of Sheffield. He was the eldest and only son … Continue reading

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George Barnett – 10th York and Lancaster

George Barnett was born in 1895 in Sheffield to parents George Henry and Annie Barnett his father was born in Oakham Rutland and his mother in Lincoln. On the 1891 … Continue reading

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Slum Clearance in Person

The University of Sheffield hosted a second round table discussion about the slum clearance programme, Walkley Action Group campaign and the council’s change of housing policy from demolition to improvements … Continue reading

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Roman in Rivelin

  (click on the image for a more readable size) I knew about the ‘military diploma’ up beyond Rivelin Post Office, but I didn’t know about this lamp. Do two … Continue reading

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Painting Horses on Harold Street

Audrey Buxton recalls specialist painter, Mr Darlow of Harold Street, who painted fairground rides for a living. Audio player for devices which don’t play Flash, such as iPad. The only … Continue reading

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Joan Sellars

The family of Joan Sellars, who passed away in 2012, are looking for information about her life and work in Walkley. Joan spent most of her life living in the … Continue reading

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Crookes and Walkley Reservists

Patrick Dolan has researched the First World War experiences of his grandfather, Benjamin Smith of Industry Street, and of other Walkley and Crookes servicemen. Here Patrick writes an edited version … Continue reading

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Sheffield’s Urban History

Dr Andrew Heath of the Department of History, University of Sheffield, writes about the department’s involvement in Walkley Ways and two events at the University this week. http://www.historymatters.group.shef.ac.uk/week-urban-history-sheffield/

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Walkley Reform Club – on this day 100 years ago – 6th May 1914

Our second extract from 100 years ago in the Reform Club minutes focus on the election of committee officers. Barnes would go on to fight in the First World War … Continue reading

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