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The Lives of Walkley Reform Club’s First World War Soldiers

Reform Club WW1 Memorial Windows

The Lives of Walkley Reform Club’s First World War Soldiers. 

Friday 14th March 2014, 7pm.

Walkley Community Centre, 7a, Fir St. Free Entry. Bar & Cafe. 

The Walkley Historians researching the lives of the members of the Reform Club who fought in the First World War will give short talks about the nine men commemorated in the Club’s memorial windows. The men died during the war and were each given a stained-glass window memorial. These windows are now in the Walkley Community Centre’s snooker room. You will be able to view the windows before they are taken down to be restored. The evening will cover their Sheffield lives before going to war as well as their military service.

We have been searching for photographs of the men to restore these in the windows. We have now received four excellent photographs from family members living across the UK. These will be on show at the talk.

The nine men are George Barnett, James Craven, Frank Hartley, Isaac Haycock, Frederick Moses, Archie Shelley, Arnold Turner, Arthur Wall and Leonard Walmsley.

The talk is the first event remembering the Club’s First World War servicemen as we commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the war. We will also display an exhibition about the men during the Walkley Festival between the 21st June and the 6th July. Then, to remember the start of hostilities the newly restored windows will be rededicated and open for public viewing on Sunday 3rd August.

We will also be at the Ruskin Park Fun Day on Saturday 21st June. We will make some of the houses where First World War service men from the streets now under Ruskin Park lived.


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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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