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A Night at the Reform Club

Some photos and a video from the splendid Edwardian Promenade, produced by Cabaret Boom Boom for the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars project as part of the Walkley Festival 2013.

Guests recording their voices on the wax cylinder phonograph.

Boom Boom re-created the types of Edwardian entertainments which may have entertained Reform Club members at their gala nights. Phil curated a cabinet of Walkley natural curios. Brett demonstrated trick shots from the Club’s billiard room days. The World War 1 memorial windows, along with the project’s Who’s Living in a Slum?, archive photographs, oral history clips and a clip from Slade in Flame were all on display. At least three oral history interviewees were present plus many members from the project.


Guests arrive for the Edwardian Promenade


Local shopkeepers Chris and Donna Beech.


Oral history interviewee and source of archival photographs – Kevan Gregory and his wife.


Reading the ‘Slum’ Exhibition.


Who’s Living in a Slum?


A cross-section of Walkley’s population, from 9 to 90.


Oral history interviewee Dorothy Harrison speaks to Stewart Lodge, entertainer.


The centre of Walkley’s community.



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Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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