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Edwardian Promenade

Edwardian Promenade Poster

THIS Friday – 28th June – at the Walkley Community Centre on Fir St is a unique one off event. We will recreate entertainment of 100 years ago with an Edwardian Promenade.

Over 20 performers will animate the whole Centre as part of the Walkley Festival in association with the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars project. Our event Guests, will be treated to the delights of Boogie Woogie piano player , Blind ‘Lemon’ Byrom. Richard Peddles our Pianola master and Mr Tim Djing with his 78’s gramophone players. Mr Miller will record the audience for posterity on a genuine wax cylinder device. In addition there will be a snooker trick shot master, mucky John’s Peep Shows, Side show Stew’s Flea Circus, Walkelys’ first ever Museum of Curiosities and old Miss Hunt will tell your fortune.

Special installations will present some of the wonderful archive material the history project has unearthed. These include oral history sound clips and projected photos, not to mention a chance to see ‘SLADE IN FLAME’ in Walkley from 1974.

The Community Centre will be running a full cafe and bar which will raise funds for the Centre’s continual upkeep. The night is produced by Sheffields’ longest and most popular cabaret club , Cabaret Boom Boom, who have created many of these comic master pieces for this one off event. Tickets are on sale at Beeches of Walkley while shocks last…. £8 and £5, doors 8pm till midnight.


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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