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Slade filming in Walkley, 1974

Slade on location in Walkley

Slade on location in Walkley

Slade, yes those glam rockers of the 70s, filmed part of their 1975 Slade in Flame movie in Walkley – one of a number of locations in Sheffield. At least part was shot on Otley Street in 1974, since demolished.

Is this Otley Street?

From the film ‘Slade in Flame’. Is this Otley Street?

I think the scene of the van driving uphill, shown above, which appears after approximately 21 minutes 45 seconds in the YouTube version of the film, shows the view down Otley Street towards Burgoyne Road.

Are any of the close-up scenes in backyards and outside front doors also Walkley? I think the brick house with the red window frames must be – one of the children in the background is Andy Morley who told us about the film after reading the article about Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars in the Sheffield Star on the 16th November. At 22 mins and 45 secs the van pulls away uphill, passing boarded up houses waiting demolition, towards Daniel Hill Street.

A boarded up street, along with a bulldozer, appears at 29 mins and 53 seconds. Does anyone know which street this was?

A big thank you to Andy for letting us know about the film, the Otley Street location and his role as an extra aged about four!

More film stills.

Slade going uphill in Walkley

Slade sidecar up High House Street, Hillsborough.

Kelvin Flats?

Kelvin Flats?


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6 comments on “Slade filming in Walkley, 1974

  1. Hugh
    November 19, 2012

    From the detailed map at SheffieldHistory, the second image is definitely Otley Street, taken from the junction with Hardy St. The ‘corner shop’ is 35 Otley St. Just out of shot to the left, on the other corner of Hardy St. would be the Sportsman pub (a beerhouse in 1920), if it hadn’t already gone.

    The street in the distance climbing up to Whitehouse Lane is Tennyson Road. Useful to note the houses on the skyline – 9 to the left of Tennyson Road, 5 to the right.

  2. Hugh W.
    December 3, 2012

    The steep street with the motorbike and sidecar is High House Road. Picture Sheffield image s17393 is an almost identical view. The big buff-coloured shapes top left are the cooling towers of Wardsend Power Station.

    The boarded up street (with digger) at 29.53 is Douglas Road, Parkwood Springs. ‘Retep’ at SheffieldForum suggests that the man could be looking through the letter-box of number 205, and he could be right! There is another view of this street, a bit lower down, plus great views of Neepsend, at 52.52.

    There is a thread on the film and its locations at SheffieldHistory: http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/313-flame/page__hl__slade

    A post in that thread mentions that they filmed in (Daniel) Doncaster’s steel works, presumably for the shots of steel-making during the opening credits.

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  4. ian
    August 29, 2014

    It is Otley Street. My brother was one of the kids playing in the back yard. It was filmed in a family called Ford’s house. I lived at no79 on the left at the bottom. You can see my dad’s car parked behind the transit van

  5. steve
    October 28, 2014

    It was my house they used in Otley street my brother was in the picture playing football

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