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Ruskin Park, January 1978

Ruskin Park and Burgoyne Road from Blake Street, January 1978. Photo by Ken Dash.

Ruskin Park and Burgoyne Road from Blake Street, January 1978. Photo by Ken Dash.

This photo was taken in January 1978 by Ken Dash, then an archaeology student living on Cundy St. It is looking over the recently created Ruskin Park from near the top of Blake Street. The Park was created as a result of the demolition of Elton Street, Harworth Street and Bloor Street earlier in the 70s. In this wintry scene, the park looks like a bleak expanse of open ground, where only a few years previously it had been home to families and numerous shops. Most of the existing trees and bushes weren’t planted. It also looks like the grass football pitch and the play park were yet to be made.


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

One comment on “Ruskin Park, January 1978

  1. Ann Birchenough nee Jeffries
    March 3, 2013

    I lived in Bloor Street from 1946 -1958. We moved to Upperthorpe near Commonside and later to Sydney Road S6. Lots of memories of the area and attending Burgoyne Road School. We moved away from Sheffield in 1968 but visit often as family and friends are still there. Married a Crookes lad and my Grandparents lived at Crosspool from 1915, with Mum’s sister at Crookes and her brother at Ranmoor.

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