Walkley History

News, events and discoveries of the Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars history project.


Walkley Community Centre is managing a three-year history project called Walkley Ways, Walkley Wars, beginning in October 2012.

The project will:
1) Research the lives of Walkley people before they went to fight in World War 1 and preserve the memorials of fallen members of the Walkley Liberal Reform Club.
2) Explore the council plans to demolish Walkley in the 1960s and 70s.
3) Make public the Walkley Action Group archive in the Walkley Commnunity Centre.
4) Record memories of Walkley during the 1960s and 70s.
5) Find out what Fir St was like in 1908 when the Walkley Liberal Reform Club was built.

We will train volunteers in local history and oral history who will participate in much of the exciting research.

A steering group comprising Rick Allen and Nicole Houghton (WCC), Bill Bevan, Rev Melanie FitzGerald, Veronica Hardstaff and Hugh Waterhouse will oversee the project on behalf of WCC.

We hope the project will lead to the establishment of a Walkley History Society, who will use the Community Centre as its base.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund – http://www.hlf.org.uk



About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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